Whether this is your first time scuba diving or you are a master scuba diver we have the perfect dive trip for you.

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Stuart Cove Shark Adventure Dive

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Nassau Scuba Certification

Welcome To The Scuba Dive Bahamas

Don’t miss out on some of the best diving in the Bahamas. Divers from all over the world know that some of the most exciting diving is located in the waters of the Bahamas. When visiting Nassau Bahamas and Paradise Island, be sure not to miss the opportunity to dive our spectacular locations! If you’re looking for that unique awe-inspiring dive experience, then let us help you choose your perfect diving tour.

Whether you are visiting Nassau or Freeport Bahamas, experienced or first-time diver, there is something for everyone.

Nassau Diving

Staying in Nassau is already a delight, but a Nassau Bahamas scuba diving tour is the cherry on top! The Bahama Divers Two Tank Morning Dive is the perfect way to start your day, and absorb the fantastic world of the coral reef gardens, and the deep, blue holes off the shores of Nassau. This tour has taken hundreds of thousands of certified divers from around the world out into the ocean and to one of the healthiest reefs in the Bahamas. If you’d like to go explore the majestic underwater ecosystems of the coral reefs by scuba diving, but do not have a scuba certification, there is no need to fret! The Stuart Cove Learn to Dive Resort Course offers the chance to become familiarized with diving tips and equipment in a safe environment, and then go on an actual dive a few miles off the Nassau coast. If you’re looking to go for an all day dive, take a look at the Stuart All Day Dive. On this dive you’ll get to enjoy a 7-hour diving tour that departs at 9:00 a.m., and go to 4 different dive sights of wreckage and reefs.

Freeport Diving

While staying in Freeport Bahamas, one of the best decisions you could make is to add a scuba diving tour to your vacation. Bahamas has the third largest barrier reef in the world, and it’s calling your name to explore it. Wake up and greet the day with the UNEXSO Two Tank Morning Dive, where you will experience the coral reef, and then one of the famous wreck sites, Theo’s wreck. If you are not scuba certified, but are anxious to go out and dive the ocean, don’t worry. The UNEXSO Resort Course Dive has you covered. You’ll spend the first half of this course learning instructions from experts and getting familiar with the equipment from the safety of the resort pool. The second half will consist of actually going out in the ocean and going to up to 30-feet deep to venture into the great abyss. Are you a scuba diver looking for something new in your next dive excursion? Want more thrill out of your dive? UNEXSO Shark Dive is a one of a kind tour offered in Freeport Bahamas. Get up close and personal with these impressive and stunning predators in the natural environment. Watch as their expert shark feeder releases food and see how the sharks’ behaviors quickly change. Don’t worry though; the sharks are only interested in the food, not in the divers for food.

Diving with Dolphins

Are you going to the Bahamas and have a dream of swimming with dolphins? The UNEXSO Dive with the Dolphins gives you the chance to pet and interact with the dolphins in their natural habitat, while not having to come up or struggle for air. This is one of the most unique experiences that anyone could have in a lifetime.